Eco-Hyb research project

Our company is participating in the ECO-HYB project in cooperation with Austrian, Spanish companies.
The main objective consists of the development of the economical and nature-friendly shaving of the magnesium-based hybrid materials.

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From the (defunct page):

Ecological and Economical Machining of Magnesium- based Hybrid Materials

Developing an experimental machine prototype, capable of safe machining of magnesium-based hybrid materials, optimized tools and strategies, development of lubricants for Minimum Quantity Machining of Magnesium- hybrids are the main goal of EcoHyb.

In the automotive industry as well as in other sectors where parts are moved, a general desire is to reduce the existing energy consumption. One way to do this is the use of light weight Mg- alloys which have a 33% lower density in comparison to aluminum (and 77 % compared to steel). Therefore the application of lightweight construction with hybrid material parts has been extended in the last few years. Magnesium - aluminum (Mg-Al) hybrids and magnesium – sintered metal (Mg-Sint) hybrid constructions are used more and more. The hybrid material is advantageous due to its low weight combined with high strength and wear characteristics. Increased difficulties in machining are the main disadvantage of hybrids. Specially designed tools, machine tool with safety concept and lubricants are required to safely machine hybrid materials particularly Mg- Sint due to the high temperatures of Sinter metal chips and the flammability of Mg chips.

Also the different cutting forces between the materials call for detailed investigations of the cutting tools, their cutting edges and coatings, stable machine tools are also a necessity.

To avoid dangers of ignition current technologies for machining of magnesium use high amounts of cooling lubricants - oil or emulsions - for flushing chips from the working area. This results in additional hazards such as the possible ignition of oil mist or the release of free hydrogen.

The main target of the ECOHYB project is to make the process machining of magnesium (Mg) based Hybrid materials effective, safe and environmentally friendly for metal cutting at conventional cutting speeds as well as under High-Speed-Cutting (HSC) conditions.