Cutting the ribbon the second time in the Almáskert industrial park

Success of the VOSZ member company

The Losonczi Kft found again a moment to invite its partners, friends, those concerned with the investment and the media to an inauguration event. It was in December when they handed over their new manufacturing hall, now they showed the machines they are going to work with in the almost 1500-sqm building.


Since 1995 the Losonczi Kft. of Békéscsaba has been dealing as a developing company with manufacturing of precision tools that is their main profile. The recently inaugurated hall that was handed over the second time is representing a regionally unique technical level and value besides the huge investment and by establishing the new measuring premises. The company is able to assure a new quality level in the new hall, where the tools are the significant elements of the manufacturing lines producing for the Atomic Plant of Paks, the Rába undercarriages and the INA-Schaeffler bearings.
István Losonczi – Besides the guests I am welcoming the partners, customers who are our core clients because they are of paramount importance, since they have been our partners for long years and are based on our work. Naturally the occasional clients are important, too, we have to serve them impeccably, too – István Losonczi greeted the participants.
Then he told he used to be an employee for many years, he did not even think to be an entrepreneur but the necessity made him change, and today he is not sorry for that. The hí has already reported about the current development and the start of the company, thus we are not repeated ourselves, we are stressing the novelties, the things that have taken place since December 5, 2013, the official inauguration day of the hall. Then we said that the hall had been constructed, now we can tell the almost 1350 sqm are installed. The hall received a new coordinate measuring machine, a laser marker, two bridge-cranes, a forklift and we have just ordered a CNC grinding machine.
- We tried to assure our employees modern and quality working conditions since the successful companies need satisfied and recognised employees — István Losonczi added.
The total investment is closing to 300 million and within this a tool-making plant and an office building totalling almost 1350 sqm were realised. Due to the development 6 new jobs were created and this improved the employment situation of the region.

Dr. Ferenc Dávid – People often ask why is it difficult to be an entrepreneur in Hungary? Why do the entrepreneurs have a difficult life, why aren’t they supported by the government? And in addition they are taxed heavily. But when you enter such a hall you forget everything. Everybody knows Békéscsaba is not the middle of the world, it is recognisable to launch a development of this dimension in this area. And doing this with the wife makes István Losonczi feel better. This is a good thing, not everybody can tell this and it is important form employment perspective, too – Dr Ferenc Dávid, secretary of the VOSZ (Association of Entrepreneurs and Employers) said.

Mihály László Nagy – Those who were born here, live here and they want to get along here. The competitive capacity is of great significance since the moving ahead is possible if we compete with the competitors of the market, if we try to produce good things and well, possibly in such a way that there is demand for the output.
This is a very good example of how a company has to be made competitive and bigger - Mihály László Nagy, Békés county’s VOSZ chairman added.

The hall built as a new investment in the Almáskert industrial park of Békéscsaba is a milestone for the company and for the city, too.

Source Hí